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Quest - Pursigido Lyrics

Sinong may sabing hindi pwede
Sinong may sabing imposible
Bakit ka nandyan sa tabi
Bakit ka nagpapahuli

Bat ka nagpapa agrabyado
Bat ka laging nagpapatalo
Alam kong hindi madali
Pero hindi pa huli

Ang lahat, Ika'y sapat
Para makamit ang tagumpay
Pakinggan ang sigaw ng puso
Huwag ka ng malumbay
Sige tayo, sige angat
Sige ipakita sa lahat
Pagasang nagaalab
Pangarap kay liwanag


Lahat magagawa
Basta magsikap magtiyaga
Sa diyos ay mag tiwala
At laging nasa tama
Sige Magsipag ka
Dahil pagtapos sisikat na
Ang araw mo
Basta desidido
Pusong pursigido

Ano man hamon
Sige sugod Huwag magpa lamon
Sa takot
Sige bangon
Tingala sa taas
Harapin ang bago
Bago ang lahat
Talikuran na
Ang nakaraan
Eto ay nararapat
Dapat sa pagdating ng bagong umaga
Handa na, tara na, lahat kasama
Lahat ay bida, walang atribida
Kapit bisig, ito an ating liga
Ito na ang panahon
Lahat tayo dito kampeon
Iparinig ang pusong dumadagundong
Simulan na natin ngayon
Ilabas ang ating galing
Maging liwanag sa dilim

Pursigido ako
Pursigido tayo
Pursigido ako
Ipakita sa mundo
Kaya natin to
Kaya natin to

Quest & Mayonnaise - Good Vibes Lyrics

Lyrics Not Available

Quest - Higher Lyrics

Nobody ever thought that I will be here
It’s the end of the tunnel that I can see clear
Does settles and I’m facing the horizon
Life is full of surprises
Started rock bottom on top
My faith taught me how to fly
I wont drop
After all the hustle, the trouble and the struggle
I found me in the missing piece of the puzzle of my life
Now my life have finally redeemed
Oblivious to existence that I found meaning
To every step I take every dream every action
Now I understand it all I give my all not just a fraction
Lesson after lesson repetition made me stronger
Put under pressure now I can hold my breath much longer
You’ll never see me last cause I am built to last
Blast off

I’m gonna reach higher
Set the whole world on fire
Cause now I’m stronger, faster, wiser
I will never give up
I’m a fighter
Keep elevating
Be amazing
Stay blazing
Until you hear say “We made it! ”
Leave the whole world celebrating
We never say die
Til we reach the sky
Cause we’re meant to fly
Time to fight

Don’t let anybody look down on you
Follow me on top I gotta get love you
Now is the time to bring out the best of you
Don’t dream and color with the better you
You we’re the one you’ve been waiting for
Destiny awaits what are you waiting for
If you wanna reach the stars first get up
Three, two, one
Lift off


We never say die
Til we reach the sky
Cause we’re meant to fly
Time to rise
Everybody now

You can be a firework
Life in momentary
I say be a star
Live legendary
Shine from afar
Blazing up close
So here’s a toast to the most high
Fly stay uplifted
The galaxies are playground
I keep you inspired
Yes, you are safe now
Let the music play loud
C’mon let the world sing


Faith gives me wings so I can fly
Believe me when I can say we can touch the sky
Faith gives me wings so I can fly

Faith give me wings

Quest ft. Clara Benin - No Greater Love Lyrics

- Verse 1 -
It’s always been a war, fighting for your heart
See my scars, been fighting from the start
So hard, but I know it’s worth it
Go hard, even though I’m hurting
Cos truth is, after pain comes pleasure
Underneath the dirt is a treasure you can’t measure
So I will keep searching, keep searching til I find you
Then I will love you til you find you
Strong enough to refine you
This love, yes this love will remind you
That I’m front, side, behind, all around you
No matter how deep, no matter how far
No matter how scared you are in the dark
These scars wont fade, this love wont age
Feel my rage, engage

- Chorus -
No braver
No safer
No greater love

- Verse 2 -
Landmines, stray bullets,
Uncertainties yeah I go through it
So I put my faith on, bulletproof
Love in action is the only proof
So let me touch you with words
Caress you with verbs
Give me your hurt, I’ll give you my world
Bring death to pain, this is brand new
Its the great exchange, for a grand you
So this pain is worth it, let me unearth it
I’ll take the worst hit, cos you deserve it
Unconditional, unending
Irrefutable, beautiful, ascending
Raw passion, walls crashing
All action, no distraction
Love is war, no playing games
Ready for whatever, rule, reign

- Chorus -
No braver
No safer
No Greater Love

Than Yours
It's Yours
I'm Yours

- Bridge -
No height, no depth
No fear, no debt
Just breathe, don’t fret
Love is here, no threat
For life, all set
No sting, no death
Nothing compares
Let me declare