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212i - Let's Make It Up Lyrics

Savage in the dark room
Wish you'd come back
Still watching on my cellphone
Will you txtback soon

You're my inspiration
Do dreams come true?
Let's make this perfection
It's about me and you

Chorus I:
Lets make it up tonight
And feel the melody
Come baby dance with me
Our live a mystery
Lets make it up tonight
And make this history
You are the light that shine
End up this misery

Chorus II:
Lets make it up tonight
Lets make ut up tonight
Lets make it up tonight
Lets make it up up up up up

Lets make it up
Lets bring it up
Baby dance with me
Together you and me
Lets make it up
Baby stay with me
Make this up
The one for me
Away the dark
Off the misery
Make it up
Your smile heals me
Lets make it up
My serenity
Lets make it up
You and me
Forever baby

You're the light that shine on
Cause here your back
Dreams do come true
Bring it back on

Together me and you
Build a castke for two
Cruel is life without you
The world needs me and you...

Repeat Chorus I & II (2x)

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