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Mikey Bustos - I Won't Ever Love Again / Ayoko Nang Magmahal Lyrics

Verse 1:

Here we are standing at a crossroads, trying to decide a path for each of us to follow, cuz u feel ur happiness might be some place that doesn't include me, well thru the fights and tears, the scars and noise, and under all the hurt we both are feeling...
God made our hearts locked for someone to open, but u had the key when nobody could open it but you, noone else but you. How could u say you'd be happier without me in light of our best times oh dont u remember how I, I said our love won't die.


Mahal kita baby.
If it's not your lips im kissing (Mahal), if it's not your hand I'm holding (Mahal), if it's not your love I'm feeling (Mahal ko), I won't ever love again. (My love)
Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang kapiling ko (my love) , kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang kalambing ko (my love), kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang mahal ko (my love), ayoko nang magmahal.

Verse 2:

Mahal, nang ikay makilala, ang buhay ko ay sumigla at sanay di mawawala sa piling ko. Sabihin mo sakin kung paano ako mabubuhay kung hindi ka na kapiling paglisan mo, sanay di na dumating.
Langit ang diyos tayo di magwawalay ang pagibig natin ay sa diyang tunay, ay sa diyang tunay. Oh yeah! Langit ang buhay mahigpit ang yakap labis ang ligaya, na darama mo ba? Na darama mo ba?


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